Statoil “Change”

The theme of change is a good thing in this epic spot for energy company Statoil when changing their name to Equinor. Embodied in different real people and moments as special as the birth of a child, director Christian Holm-Glad  brings all feels.


Client: Statoil
Agency: Try
Creative Directors: Lars Joachim Grimstad & Egil Pay

Prod Co: Bacon
Director: Christian Holm-Glad
Exec. Producer: Magne Lyngner
Producer: Øystein Dyb
DP: Andreas Bjørseth
Editor: Paal Rui
Music: Massive Music
Post Production: Bacon XO
Line Production: Steak House


Telia - Everything is better with music

Communications company, Telia, explores the idea that everything is better with music. Christian dove deep in shooting visuals of emotional relationships juxtaposed with individuality.


Directed by Christian Holm-Glad
Produced by Bacon Production



Norway is beautiful in the summer and in the winter, but what about the time in between? In this film for Visit Norway, Holm-Glad explores that time of gritty, grey and darkness in a playful and mysterious tone. On board he got Thorbjørn Harr from the HBO hit series «Vikings».



SSO - the nordic sound

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra is “The Nordic Sound”. The Nordic Sound refers to where the orchestra is getting their inspiration from and the film is foremost about “Nordic freedom” – freedom to play, freedom to love, freedom to feel, freedom to do whatever you want to!


Directed by Christian Holm-Glad
Produced by Bulldozer Film/Bacon for
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra


Lefdal - Technophobe

Christian Holm-Glad’s quirky ad for mega-retailer Lefdal is a celebration of all people suffering from technofobia. It´s ok. You´re not the only one.




Together with a phycisist friend Christian Holm-Glad created and then directed this 8 x 30 minutes tv-series where the host puts his life on the line to proove the laws of physics. The series won the Norwegian Emmy ”Gullruten” and has been sold to various countries including the U.S.


Kygo - Telia MusicMaker

When Telia and Kygo released their collaboration they reached out to Holm-Glad to get his mix of visual aestehics and keen observations to details in music.

Client: Kygo Life/Telia
Agency: Los & Co
Creative Directors: Hans Christian Grønn & Jo Espen Johansen

Prod Co: Bacon
Director: Christian Holm-Glad
Exec. Producer: Ola Narum Berg
DP: Johan-Fredrik Bødtker
Editor: Paal Rui
Music: Kygo
Post Production: Bacon XO
Line Production: Steak House


Shot under water

CThis clip from Christian´s hit series ”Life On The Line” accedentally slipped out on YouTube and reached over 25 million hits – making it the most viewed science clip ever.


Chasing the world´s
largest number

This was Holm-Glad´s first true ”arts & science” project. A poetic journey thorugh the universe and the infinite. A 22 minute documentary that earned much acclaim from festivals including a Webby Awards honoree.


Calvin harris

In this Frankenstein-inspired video Holm-Glad takes Calvin Harris from loosing his blue teddy bear as a child to reconstructing it by pieces of girls he has kept captive in his dungeon. The song climbed  to number 1 on the UK charts.



Master of atmospheric storytelling, Christian takes us on a journey through a free flowing and wild emotional journey. Christian worked closely with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra to generate the creative message. The film got shortlisted at NY Festivals and nominated for UK music Video Awards together with Pink Floyd and Kasabian, not everyday company for a Symphony Orchestra!


NPRA Drive safely home for Christmas

The National Roads and Administrations linked with Christian to tell a beautiful story, reminding you to drive safe over the holidays. This spot exemplifies Christian’s strength in heartfelt visual storytelling and was a Shots Contender.


sushi & nuclear

A lot of people find the word scary, almost nobody knows what it means. 
Enter girly blogger and nuclear physicist Sunniva Rose. “Sushi & nuclear” is a soft, poetic and personal introduction to the world on a subatomic level. A mixture of tiny atoms and big bombs, physics and femininity.